[ 35+ Super Amazing ] Indian Bride And Groom Photos in 2019

Beautiful Indian brides in2019

India is a country of diversity. Though it has various religions, Vivaah(marriage) is the common tradition for all of them. The Indian bride is just not a simple word, it’s an emotion which carries many rituals. Each religion and each part of the country has different rituals and attires. But at the top, the Bride looks spellbound in any attire. There are many types of brides like Hindu bride, Punjabi bride, Muslim bride, Christian bride.


Punjabi brides wear salwar kameez with a dupatta or lehenga with a dupatta of dark red color with heavy embroidery work. Red is chosen in the rituals as it represents love and also represents the planet Mars which is responsible for the marriage and fertility of humans. The Punjabi bride has to wear white and red bangles in multiples of four, till one year after marriage. And a hanging gold ornament is tied up to these bangles. She wears a dupatta on the top of the head before entering the wedding venue.


The tradition of Muslims is different. The bride mostly wears a green or maroon colored lehenga with heavy jewelry. The special part is that a silk cloth is tied around the bride’s waist with a gold coin placed in it by the groom’s mother. And the unique part is that the bride wears a veil which covers her face. The big round nose in with chain is their tradition. The bride wears a nose chain, which is hooked by a chain to either the earring or hair. The bridegroom removes the nose chain, symbolizing the end of the bride’s virginity.


The Christian bride looks like an angel. The bride wears a long white colored net gown with a veil supported by a tiara. The gown may be made designer with a veil over her head with a beautiful white roses bouquet in hand. Such a beautiful Indian bride walks down the aisle in the church towards the groom.


The most auspicious rituals are followed by the Hindu bride. She wears two different outfits for different rituals during the wedding. Hindu bride typically wears a white or yellow saree with a red border. The key ritual of the Indian wedding is Kanyadaan, which is giving away the daughter to the groom by her parents for a lifetime. The saptapadhi is another ritual that includes 7 steps round the Agnihotri by bride and groom. Tieing a Mangalsutra with three knots, putting up toe rings are the most important rituals.

According to Hindu beliefs marriages are made in HEAVEN. And once you are married, the bond is supposed to last for seven lifetimes. Hindu weddings have various rituals that may take days to be executed. Every single custom and practice in a wedding has deep philosophical and spiritual significance. The most memorable part of the Indian wedding is the attire and beauty of the bride. Most of the time Indian brides prefer as an age-old Indian tradition.
These days though the trend has changed, but nothing can beat up the rituals. The bride looks stunningly beautiful in the red lehenga made with heavy zari and kundan embroidery work with heavy blouse and dupatta. The mesmerizing gold jewelry adds up to the beauty. The Bindi, Chudiya, Mehendi, Nose pin, Anklets what not each and everything goes on adding up to the external beauty of the bride. These days the Indian bride and groom images are damn cute and are uniquely shot with the best photographers. The photoshoots of the brides of India have become popular these days.
The memories are the best achievements. All these beautiful rituals are captured in the photographs. The bridal images capture the beautiful bride and her family that lasts for a lifetime. The beautiful Indian bride and groom images showing the wedding rituals give us immense happiness.

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