[ 27+ Top ] Lehenga Blouse Design Collections in 2019

Lehenga Blouse Design Collections in 2019

Indian fashion is wide and has many variety’s and when it comes to girls fashion wears lehenga choli are really great and stylish options to go with in any function like marriage, engagement, sangeet and other family occasions too.
And keeping that in mind we got you some really wonderful and different styles of lehenga images so let’s check them out.

1. Here we get you this amazing yellow lehenga for girls with a beautiful silver crop top lehenga this modern lehenga is really beautiful and simple to wear for almost any function, with a really beautiful designer pattern on the lehenga making it more of an eye-catcher.

crop top lehenga

2. If you love pink you will love this next lehenga in this lehenga choli for girls, this soft net pink lehenga with a green crop designer top and a really fashionable pink soft net designer choli this is another really great modern lehenga for young girls and teenagers.

lehenga saree

3. Many people love wearing saree and something that is more elegant than dynamic and for them we get you this amazing yellow lehenga saree with a really great silk fabric and white lace design on the blouse of the lehenga saree and on the border of this silk lehenga giving it a really simple yet modern approach with a really elegant feel.

sabyasachi lehenga

4. When we talk about modern lehenga Indo western lehenga really pops in your mind, So in this lehenga blouse design image we get you a really beautiful peach color lehenga with a white top with a stylish and really great amazing pattern of the zigzag lines on the choli and another really great design on the top of the lehenga.

lehenga images

5. Love shinning and love bright colors then you will really love this beautiful and simple yellow lehenga with soft net dupatta and great designer top with a deep neck design and on the choli of the lehenga, you get a really great lace and Dori design on the waist part of the lehenga making it more fashionable.

lehenga blouse design

6. For fashion lovers, we have this really great Indo western lehenga with a sexy cut design back and crop top with soft net fabric choli giving it over lapin design and lace border on the waist of the choli this is one of the best options in fashion so having this modern lehenga will be a really great choice.

banarasi lehenga

7. Love shines in your clothes and when you get that shine in a really great modern lehenga that makes it more dynamic, for that we get you this really beautiful yellow lehenga with a really great backless design on the top of the lehenga and having a floral design on the choli of it with triangle shape mirror work done on it to make it more shiny.

kids lehenga

8. Fashion is not always about shining and attractive materials and designer style sometimes little things really do that work for you, with that in mind we have this really modern lehenga for girls with a really great floral design and one side cold shoulder designer top with a silk lehenga choli making this floral lehenga really fashionable.

manish malhotra lehenga

9. Have a party and want a lehenga which will really up your level and standards then you should really check this party wear lehenga with lace design and floral design on the net choli of this light green lehenga and on the net dupatta and shoulder sleeve of the top this floral lehenga is really great modern lehenga for any party and occasion.

lehenga for kids

10. In this lehenga blouse design image, you get this really elegant golden lehenga with really amazing mirror work on the blouse and really great floral threading work done on the choli of this stunning modern lehenga this lehenga is really suitable for young girls having it as your occasion lehenga or in function like engagement lehenga collections.

lehenga sarees

11. For all the red lovers check this red lehenga with a really wonderful one side sleeveless cold shoulder cut design and another side a long sleeve waterfall design making it a really modern lehenga with a high neck fishing done with really great border and floral threading design done on the choli of this beautiful red lehenga.

sabyasachi lehenga price

12. Indo western lehenga is one of the most worn and modern lehengas in the fashion, And we have a really great blue lehenga with a really great floral design on the top of the lehenga and a really great soft net fabric over-lapin design on the choli of this fashionable lehenga.

pink lehenga

13. Talking about favorites if you are a really die-hard fan of black color you will love this adorable black lehenga with a really great velvet top and with it peach color silk choli over lapin by black net lace design choli making it more amazing and beautiful combination.

lehenga for girls

14. Some people just love that traditional feeling and also want that modern fashion side while wearing ethnic so for you guys this amazing and beautiful all time pink lehenga is the best option  with an elegant look of a really traditional lehenga but getting modern with the crop top and deep neck cut and with floral design making it more modern and also the border design with really great elephant printing design to give it a really traditional finishing

crop tops lehenga

15. Let’s take a look at this really simple beautiful silk lehenga with a really great golden borderline on the dupatta with flower design and this maroon lehenga with a really great golden border finishing at the end of the choli giving this a really elegant look and perfect combination.

sabyasachi bridal lehenga

16. Let’s get our eye on this next amazing designer lehenga, this light green lehenga with a really beautiful white floral design on the soft net choli and the half sleeve top making it more beautiful with small mirror work on the top of this modern lehenga.

hairstyle for lehenga

17. Next, we have a really great Indo western lehenga, this modern lehenga with a real designer sleeveless crop top and deep v neck and a really wonder choli this Indo western lehenga is really suitable for young girls and teenagers.

red lehenga

18. Let’s take a look this banarasi lehenga style choli and lehenga, this red lehenga with a elegant look and to enhance the beauty of this simple yet beautiful lehenga you get a cut back design with silver border on the open back design and golden and yellow border on the dupatta and the choli of this red lehenga.

indo western lehenga

19. Here in this really fashionable and modern lehenga, we get you a really pretty red lehenga with a stylish palazzo choli and a crop top strap blouse with silver lace border on the red dupatta making this modern lehenga more beautiful and stylish.

manish malhotra lehenga online shopping

20. Let’s take a look at this adorable and bright yellow and blue lehenga choli for girls, with a really great floral hand embroidery work done on the yellow top and a really great combination of blue choli making this a really great lehenga for any function and occasion.

golden lehenga

21. Indo western lehenga is a really great option for almost every function as they gave you that western modern lehenga feels with an ethnic Indian feel with matching both we get you this really modern lehenga with floral design on this really beautiful crop top and royal blue choli and finishing with a beautiful golden and silver border.

sabyasachi lehenga cost

22. Talking about indo western lehenga we got a really great yellow and red velvet lehenga crop top with a great floral design on the golden dupatta with a red border and yellow choli with red velvet finishing making it more dynamic and stylish. having this Indo western lehenga in your wardrobe will be really worth it.

yellow lehenga

23. Having a function in day time and looking for something light yet beautiful and stylish then check this modern lehenga blouse design,with great color combination of green and pink this floral lehenga with a open cut back design on and the golden border design on the waist and on the bottom of the choli with mirror work done to give it a really great shine and style.

party wear lehenga

24. Die-hard pink fan? then this one is really for you with all pink lehenga this is really great and fashionable for any occasion or party with a deep v neck and floral design on this pink floral lehenga make it more stylish and beautiful looking.

modern lehenga

25. Fashion lovers who love Indo western lehenga, we got you this lace design modern lehenga with soft net fabric designer blouse with hand embroidery design done on it and to enhance the beauty and elegance of this modern lehenga you get a really great peach color choli giving it a really stylish and beautiful color combination.

lehenga blouse designs catalogue

26. Simplicity is the best and we have on of the best simple modern lehenga for you with this maroon lehenga having a really fashionable strap crop top and a net fabric choli with a waterfall designer look, this is really suitable for people who love simplicity while picking their clothes.

black lehenga, green lehenga

27. Like they say save the best for the last and we have this cream and pink Indo western lehenga, this party wear lehenga is really great for any function and occasion with a beautiful cream top and open back with Dori work done and decorated with really shining mirror work on the whole lehenga forming a great design on the pink choli and cream net dupatta of this modern lehenga.

bridal lehenga images
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