[ latest 21+ Unique Designs ] Linen Sarees You never seen before that

latest 21+ Unique Designs  Linen Sarees You never saw before that

In the present days, linen cotton has become tremendously popular. Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. These sarees are of most comfort to the women who work or even teenagers also prefer these sarees. Apart from being comfortable, they give a dignified gorgeous look to the women. Though they are simple, the texture of the linen silk fabric gives a very grand rich look. Mostly these linen sarees are plain or sometimes with slight design attached with opposite-colored blouse. They are preferable for working women. It’s not as such, it can even be used as party wear, function wear. So grab these beautiful linen silk sarees collection by Shasmajor.

1. This grey colored pure linen saree

1. This grey colored pure linen saree has a cream border and a soft design over it. This linen saree gives a dignified and dynamic look to the women who wear it. It has a black blouse attached to it which looks perfect when stitched with a deep neck with knots on the back with back hooks. This looks amazing with flow pallu.

linen sarees

2. Blue linen silk saree

The different kind of blue linen silk saree shown here is very beautifully designed plain linen saree with a silver broad border. Though it looks very common, it has a different style blouse in silver-white color with black lines. This gives an antique look to the saree when stitched in the high neck with front zip pattern, puff hands.
linen sarees online

3. Pure linen saree

This pure linen saree is a very comfortable saree for working women. Here is a plain yellow saree with a dark sky blue linen blouse. This simple linen saree is also perfect for a Haldi function. Easy to wear and handle.
linen sarees online

4. Beautiful linen black saree  

Wow, such a beautiful linen saree is nowhere in a rich black with pink thread work and a thin pink border on both sides. Attached to it is a pink blouse with a black threadwork stitched in boat neck, sleeveless hands. This is looking absolutely gorgeous presenting to you by shasmajor
lenin sarees

5. Linen cotton saree 

This linen cotton saree weaved in tomato red color with short dark blue border, the rare color combination with a unique print over it. It has a royal blue plain blouse which looks good on small functions, parties. Goes well with silver jewelry.
lenin sarees

6.Wonderful pure linen saree 

Light colors are more mesmerizing than bright colors, especially on fair skin complexion. Here is such a wonderful pure linen saree online in cream color with our all-time favorite pink border. This has a designer multicolored blouse. The blouse as it is designed can be stitched simply with full hands and boat neck. Looks amazing on teenagers.
linen saree online

7. Pure linen silk saree  

This pure linen silk saree presented to you in a color of purity that is in pure white with a golden border and a pink outline. Given a dark pink blouse with white checked lines stitched sleeveless with deep neck back and front. Grab fast, this is simply superb guys.
linen saree online

8. Linen saree 

Among all the linen saree images, this is absolutely stunning. This linen saree is weaved in beautiful mustard yellow color with a self-colored thick linen border. It has the same colored blouse with work on it. Though entirely it is of a single color, trust me it looks pretty stunning on any age, color, occasion.
linen silk sarees

9. Plain linen cotton saree

Red, the symbolic color for love ?. The plain linen cotton saree in hot red-colored with silver zari mixed in red as a border giving a different color border. Same colored blouse of linen-cotton is attached to saree. This is very nice, simple and attractive.
linen silk sarees

10. Baby pink cotton linen saree  

Beauty is heaven. Girls owned color, this baby pink cotton linen saree is with both silver and gold mixed border. In this trending world, blouse with a completely opposite color has become a fashion. Here is a coffee-colored blouse given. This looks great with other designer blouses like dark pink or sky blue colors.

pure linen sarees

11. Pure linen silk saree 

Here is a pure linen silk saree weaved in entire silver color with a thick khadi silver border having a short pallu. It has an attractive blouse in royal blue color with a unique design stitched in a different pattern with back hooks, boat neck, full hands. This goes great when combined with silver metal jewelry and earrings. Try on.

pure linen sarees


12.  Plain red linen saree 

People are more towards their comfort zone. These linen sarees are most comfortable. Plain red linen saree is now available online with a linen cotton fabric ash-colored blouse that will definitely draw the attention of people. The blouse can be stitched in any design. And any other light colors designer blouse may be worn with it.

what is linen

13. Half-white saree with a golden zari khadi border

A half-white saree with a golden zari khadi border which reminds us the Kerela culture is now stocked up with a differently stitched sky blue colored blouse with a floral print all over it. This is the best option for pujas. And is also most comfortable.

byloom sarees


14. Plain linen fabric saree

Bright colors really go well on fair skin complexion. Though the simplest sarees make them look gorgeous. Here is a simple plain linen fabric saree in maroon color with a coffee-colored border and blouse. The saree has golden border. This attractive color combo is now available online in very fine quality linen fabric.

lenin cotton sarees


15. Linen cotton saree  

Linen fabric is lightweight, comfortable even for working women. The teenage girls now prefer linen cotton saree for its simplicity and comfortness. This is a very rare combo of half white linen saree with lemon yellow border and black check lines all over. As the saree is a designer, attached to it is a plain linen black blouse which gives a stunning look. Avail soon this trendy saree.

nayanthara saree photos

16. Ash color pure linen cotton saree

Ash color pure linen cotton saree online with a golden checked line all over the saree with golden border. Given along with it is a golden yellow color shaded linen fabric plain blouse. Can be stitched designer to make it look rich.


17. Collection of linen-cotton sarees 

The fantabulous collection of linen-cotton sarees is here in front of you. One of the most beautiful saree from them in complete golden color with a self-colored thick border. Maroon color blouse with golden zari work is attached to it. This looks super on any occasion like birthday party’s, engagement, college parties.

lenin images


18. Black and gold pure linen silk saree 

The evergreen unbeatable combination of black and gold pure linen silk saree is woven with golden zari border and golden checks. Though it looks lighter, simple. It gives a rich look to the women. It can be worn with a golden or maroon colored plain blouse. Can wear matt finish jewelry to glam up tonight.

linen cotton sarees


19. White linen-cotton sarees

White linen-cotton sarees are here with simple prints, short pallu, small border. As the saree is light-colored, any dark or bright-colored, designer printed simple blouses go well with these linen sarees. One can wear pearls or any other beaded sets to make it look grand. Or can wear high neck blouse for the office.

plain linen sarees
plain linen sarees
plain linen sarees


20. Multicolored red, blue, orange broad checked saree

Multicolored red, blue, orange broad checked saree with silver zari border in linen silk with a short running pallu and blouse. It looks very grand with heavy jewelry. Gives a rich party look and is best suited for receptions, birthdays, engagements, puja, baby shower ceremonies.

linen sarees nayanthara


21. Light sky blue and light baby pink pure linen cotton sarees  

Light sky blue and light baby pink pure linen cotton sarees in simple design attached with a self-colored slightly designed blouse. This elegant collection of linen sarees is by Shasmajor. Do have a look and grab them soon.

pure linen sarees price
pure linen sarees price
I hope you liked these collections. if you have any query please let me know in the comment section I’ll surely reply you or you can follow on Instagram 


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