[ 36+ Latest ] Blouse Designs Photos For Stunning look

Today while Indian fashion is evolving with having a lot of different styles in our traditional cloth making it more modern and stylish, so keeping that in mind we got you a really great variety of saree blouse as its one of the most important cloth that wore on weddings function and other important function.

We got you today many different types of blouse back neck designs and wedding blouse design images so let’ check them out.

Features of saree blouse design.

  • Saree blouses are really more like a crop top blouses covering your neck to the upper part of your navel.
  • Many varieties come in a blouse design fabric like you get cotton, silk, net and etc.
  • With printed patterns to colors with lots of design and texture, they have all in it.
  • And it’s the neck and the back of the blouse which give it real fashion and style look while sleeve are important too but they play a big part.

How to choose a saree blouse design?

  • While choosing your ideal saree blouse make sure you get all the measurements right.
  • If you have a light body and thin body you should go for an embroidery blouse that can enhance your body and make it look a little more healthier.
  • If you have a fit and toned body go and pick whatever you want as nothing can stop you get a really great stylish blouse showing your neckline and beautiful back.
  • Although if you are a little heavy and overweight you might want to avoid wearing heavy bloused with lots of embroideries and heavy stuff, that can make you look bulkier.

1. Here in our latest blouse design for back, we got you a really great blouse back neck design with border in this amazing pink color blouse you get a really pretty and beautiful flower design pattern on the back of the blouse with golden border lace on the patterns giving it a really great highlight.

blouse designs photos

2. Next blouse design photos we got you a really awesome and stylish blouse with this silk saree blouse design you can rock any function having an open cut blouse work design on the back of the blouse and lots of floral blouse hand-design done with golden and pink color making it really great blouse neck design.

blouse neck designs

3. In this simple blouse back neck design images you can look really astonishing with this simple blouse design having a purple color silk saree blouse design with designer open back style, this blouse is really suitable for daily bases.

blouse designs 2018

4. Going on our next latest blouse design for back check this really beautiful net blouse design with mirror work blouse design having the really great net sleeve and mirror work all over the sleeve and dupatta of this silk saree blouse design making it a really beautiful and fancy blouse.

blouse back neck designs

5. Taking you to the next neck design for blouse we get you a really great latest blouse design for back with a really nice violet color and stylish strap top with cold shoulder design giving it a really fashionable approach and making it really great blouse design for silk saree.

blouse designs 2017

6. In our next blouse back neck design we got you a really nice latest blouse design for back with a beautiful and dynamic red color and great neck design with crop top blouse and golden lace pattern on the bottom part of the blouse making it one of the best neck design for blouse.

simple blouse designs

7. In our next boat neck blouse design silk saree blouse design you will see a really great all-time pink color with a lace pattern on the open-cut back design on the back of the blouse with floral pattern and a really great silver lace border on those patterns and on the boat neck to giving a beautiful finishing.

boat neck blouse designs

8. Next up we have this really great blouse back neck design with a really great open-back design a lining pattern work done making it really great and to make it more beautiful you get those red and golden tassels on the back of the blouse.

bridal blouse designs

9. Here we got you a really great full neck design for a blouse with a really bright and beautiful orange color with golden pattern design work and open-cut back design with this latest blouse design for back you can look really fashionable and stylish.

silk saree blouse designs

10. Love tradition then you will love this traditional blouse design, with really great blouse design for silk saree this saffron with black and golden zigzag lining pattern is really great and simple and also give you that traditional feel this simple blouse design is a really great option if you want that simple and traditional feel.

blouse designs back side

11. Next, we got this really great latest blouse design for back with a really fashionable open back and knotted lace design with pink and orange color making it really great silk saree blouse design and really suitable for daily life bases.

maggam work blouse designs

12. Love the pink color and wearing it then check our next latest blouse design for back with a really lovely color pink and open back with string knot Dori work done on it and with that string a tassel attached to make it look more beautiful and pretty.

different types of blouse back neck designs

13. Talking about fashion and latest blouse design for back you should see this blouse back neck design with really great purple color and open back work with golden strings attached to both sides with a floral design pattern on the whole blouse giving it that glow.

blouse back neck designs catalogue

14. In our next blouse embroidery design we have a really nice embroidery blouse design for you with a really pretty and shiny silver color latest blouse design for back having a cross string design on the back with lots of handwork blouse design going on making it really fashionable.

blouse designs images new 2017

15. Fashion is really a need for generation and for that in blouse work design we got you this wonderful golden blouse design with yellow lace border and lots of embroidery blouse design work going on in it with tassels hanging on the side of the sleeves making it really fashionable and stylish.

latest blouse designs 2017

16. Next up we have this really great black crop top blouse design with a really great embroidery blouse design work, with a really great cut sleeve design and embroidery blouse hand design with golden and little red color making it really a great color combination for this silk saree blouse design.

blouse hand designs
 blouse designs for pattu sarees

17. In our next simple blouse design back neck design images, we get you a really great and simple blouse design with white color and deep V neck at the back of the blouse with peacock fur pattern design this silk saree blouse design is really beautiful and can be worn anywhere.

kalamkari blouse designs

18. Here we got you another simple blouse design with a black color blouse and the back of the blouse you get this really great sun-like pattern with yellow color with a face in between giving that traditional blouse design feel.

blouse designs for silk sarees

19. Next, we have this embroidery blouse design with white color blouse embroidery design work done with golden color all over the crop top blouse and with cold open shoulders giving it a more fashionable and stylish approach this blouse hand design is really suitable for any function and occasion.

blouse back designs

20. In our next blouse back design we get you a really awesome green blouse back design with an open cut designer back and a really beautiful floral design pattern on this crop top blouse, having this in your wardrobe will only make your collection more beautiful.

 blouse back neck designs with borders

21. Here we got you a red blouse embroidery blouse design with silver embroidery work done on the back of the blouse where you get that open-cut designer pattern and floral embroidery design with silver color making the red crop top blouse shine even better.

wedding blouse designs

22. Next, we have a really blouse back neck design with border we have a really great green blouse with golden border on the blouse and open back design with string knot Dori work done on the upper back holding the blouse and tassels attached on the end of the string.

simple blouse back neck designs images

23. Next, up in our latest blouse design for back, we get you this floral design silver crop top blouse with this orange neck and borderline of the back of the open-cut design of the blouse, with a bright color like pink orange and green in the floral design on the silver top giving it really shiny finishing.

latest blouse designs for back

24. Next up we had a really latest blouse design for back with patch work blouse design, in this pink blouse with an open back with cross lace design you can see the patch work done with hand on the back of the blouse this stylish blouse is a really great option for any occasion or party.

blouse embroidery designs

25. Moving on to our next latest blouse design for back we get you this beautiful blouse design with cross-cut open back design and a really beautiful and fancy shiny golden floral pattern on the whole blouse on the purple blouse making it a really stylish silk saree blouse design.

silk saree blouse designs catalogue

26. In our next net blouse design with patch work blouse design, we got you a really great net blouse back design with a really beautiful multicolored design attached with help of patch work on the back and the neck of this beautiful net blouse design making it really stylish.

blouse work designs

27. Talking about net blouse design, let’s check out this blouse hand design with red and violet color combination with lace border and designer pattern on the back of the red net blouse design making it a really great option for teenagers to have on any occasion and party.

neck designs for blouse

28. Next up we have this really great neck design for blouse, this latest blouse design for back neck you will see a really great back deep neck with little patch work on the back of the blouse with royal blue border this is really suitable for any function.

blouse designs images new

29. Here we got you a really latest blouse design with a really great net blouse design from the neck to the sleeve giving a split design with floral design on the net blouse part and with it you get this really lovely pink color blouse with pattern design with really great blouse hand design. 

blouse designs 2019

30. Next up we have this boat neck blouse design with a green color blouse and open cut back pattern with golden border on the boat neck and the back pattern of the blouse this neck design for blouse with a zigzag pattern printed on the sleeve of the blouse give it really good design finishing.

blouse designs for silk saree

31. In our next golden blouse design, you get a really great golden blouse with latest blouse design for back having an open back with dori work strings attached to the back of the blouse on the top and bottom strap this crop top golden blouse design is really suitable for family functions.

traditional blouse design

32. Check out this next blouse back neck design with a really fashionable strap cold shoulder and really stylish back design with hand embroidery work on the back of the blouse with tassels hanging at the shoulder part of the blouse giving it really fashionable approach.

blouse designs photos 2018

33. In our next silk saree blouse design with hand embroidery blouse design work on this really great plum color saree with a really great blouse embroidery design done with silver color and a really great open-back design with Dori work on the top decorated with a tassel.

blouse designs photos 2018

34. Talking about latest blouse design for back check this blouse back neck design with a v shape back neck design and an open cut back design with patchwork blouse design pattern on all over the blouse and tassels hanging on the upper back and lower back on the blouse.

blouse designs 2016 latest images

35. Check our next net blouse design with a really great blue color and floral design on the blouse with lace border on the sleeve of the blouse making it really beautiful and an open back design with Dori attached to the upper net blouse pattern with tassels.

boat neck blouse designs catalogue

36. Last up we have this bridal blouse design for many function with a really great lace pattern and mirror work blouse design on the back of the blouse with lace pattern border on the open cut back design with really great cream blouse color and pink floral design pattern this blouse will really give you a bridal look in your function like engagement or reception.

work blouse designs

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