[ 25+ Latest ] New Churidar Designs in 2019

New Churidar designs in 2019

1. Indian style is one of the best styles as they say if you can rock a suit salwar you can look good in any clothes and keeping that in mind check this amazing white churidar suit with simple white color and with golden lining work is done on the border of the suit and churidar making it a great churidar design with a red border on the net dupatta giving it an amazing finishing, with this simple but dynamic suit you will be able to look more adorable and hot in your daily life.

new model churidar designs

  2. Some people are a diehard fan of black clothes and just want all black clothes, so for them we have amazing black churidar dress, with having all-black combination with design on the suit done with a golden color makes it more enhancing and much hotter to wear, while you get black combination with golden on design you also get another great color looks amazing with black red on the dupatta with black on one side, having this a beautiful suit in your wardrobe will make it worth it.

designer churidar


3. You like the latest and stylish suits? Then check this one out latest design in churidar, this cream color diligent suit have its own beauty in its color only,  it may look simple but it has its own charm as above the cream color you will see every detail working done by peach color making this piece more elegant and beautiful and giving you the lining work done on the dupatta of the suit having this a beautiful suit in your daily life will give you new confidence.

.churidar top
4. When people say suits are great for daily life but can’t really use them in function, well check this amazing designer suit with floral design and lots of detailing work done on it making it fancier than your ordinary and regular suits, with red churidar and dupatta, makes it more attractive and the golden border on the suit and dupatta enhance the beauty of this amazing designer suit. With this, you can be an eye-catcher in many function.

churidar stitching


5. Keep it plain and simple, cuz simplicity is the best if you live by this motto here a beautiful suit for you plain churidar suit with a bright color yellow and with it you get this amazing orange dupatta making the best a simple but dynamic combination you will see, so if you want to keep it simple and still, look great you should have this piece in your wardrobe.

churidar models photo gallery
6. Another plain but dynamic suit that you will see today with bright color and like I said simple is the best cuz it has its own charm when it comes to daily wear and with this full sleeves suit you still get the net dupatta with flower design done by more bright color like pink and white and with a green border on it.

latest churidar designs
7.  This here we have an amazing dark green suit with a deep v neck and net dupatta with leaf and beautiful flower pattern, and finishing with golden border in this suit you can see the detailing work of threading on the sleeves of the suit making it an amazing and beautiful suit you can wear this on small occasions or even at your house it will make you look more beautiful and adorable.

how to stitch churidar
8. here you will see a plain straight suit with light blue color suit and salwar, having high neck makes it simple and charming and to make it a little more eye-catching you will have thread pattern done on the dupatta of the suit and also will have a navy blue border with it making more shiny and enhancing its simplicity more with having the light shade and dark shade as a highlight this make itself a beautiful and elegant suit.



9. If you love shining where ever you go this may be the thing for you the latest designer suit, with a net high neck and churidar salwar with light blue as its base color you will get embroidery detailing done on it making it stylish and fashionable even on the net dupatta you will get blue border with threading work done on it, it’s more of a churidar dress than a suit as it gives the top of a basic dress with a churidar narrow bottom.

latest churidar design patterns
10. Simple yellow straight Patiala suit, with yellow color as its base it’s a great suit for people who love to wear bright suits with shinning dupatta as the suit will have a red dupatta with printing done on it making it more designer and attractive as well as some flower threading work done by red color and green leaves on the bottom of the sleeves and suit and red the border on the v neck of the suit.

new model churidar in kerala
11. In this picture below you will see a plain dark green straight suit, it may be plain but the shine of the fabric is enough to make you look more dynamic and bling in any function or your daily life, to match it simplicity the dupatta is been patterned with amazing design and golden border making it look like more royal-like a suit, believe me when I say so that this suit will make you look like a real lady and give your beauty, a new glow by taking it to the next level.

new trends in churidar stitching
12. Having a fit body, then you will love this suit that will make your fit body look more fit, with its o neck and half sleeves will make your shoulder look broader and with narrow red churidar your legs will look more amazing as the proportion of your figure will come out with more beauty with this amazing designer suit, it’s more of a daily life casual suit for ladies who love to wear a suit every day and a perfect option to have it in your wardrobe.
churidar designs catalogue
13. Having a function or an occasion your family or neighborhood? Don’t want to stand out much but still want to leave an impression then check this beautiful yellow suit with a beautiful all-time favorite pink color dupatta with golden border and design on it and also the suit is not just a plain suit there also a lining design has been done which give the suit more detailing and make it more beautiful of a suit.

plain churidar neck designs
14. Love fashion then check this out, amazing suit with a crop top and net finishing to show the beauty of your body making it a great suit for teenager and young girls, with a see-through net sleeve and suit, make it best for Summer and for fashion too, with an open neck, you will be able to show you the beauty of your shoulder and neck and to match its simplicity yet make it more fashionable you have a black net dupatta with golden lining work done and finishing done by a thin golden border. Making this a wonderful fashionable suit for teenagers and young girls.

dress models


15. Many people love wearing Patiala suit and just for them so they keep on shining and look more beautiful, we have an awesome and really beautiful red Patiala suit with a Patiala salwar and red suit with embroidery work is done on it making it more beautiful and shiny with an open neck and open back with Dori to tie the backless suit and designer dupatta with golden border and embroidery detailed on light pink dupatta. Making it an amazing and beautiful Patiala suit.

new model churidar


16. Here in this picture, you will see a leopard designer suit with an open wide neck portion and half sleeves suit and black lace border on the bottom of churidar salwar, this is an amazing suit for fashion lovers with modern fashion sense and if you have an athletic body and long legs, you shouldn’t worry about this suit and think too much cuz this will look dynamic and hot on you. So if you love style and being with fashion you should really be wearing one of these.

churidar designs for stitching


17. Who said that bright colors don’t look as good as the plain and simple color look? If you also think that then just take one look of this beautiful plain yellow suit with narrow churidar salwar with white border on the dupatta and the bottom of the suit enhancing its simplicity and attractiveness more, just looking at this wonderful yellow plain suit. you must have understood its beauty making it must-have suit.

chudidar dress


18. As we all know many girls love the pink color and when you get that color in your favorite suit what else you will need right, then check this light pink designer suit, everyone’s favorite pink suit and salwar with detailed threading work on the suit itself and an oval neck with flower design on the suit done with beautiful bright colors to match the pink suit and designer finishing on the border of the suit and salwar.

churidar modelV
19. Another beautiful maroon suit with maroon churidar salwarand a bright net yellow dupatta, with lining work done on the dupatta and border lining with golden border done on the suit itself creating a beautiful and simple design from the side split of the suit to the bottom end of it going from front to back both sides.

churidar material
20. Love having Patiala salwar and suit, check this adorable cream color suit with wide open neck and lining detailing done on the suit with red dots on the lining to create a pattern of the design and it has the red border on the dupatta giving it beautiful finishing. This elegant and simple the suit is really good for enhancing your simplicity and beauty on your daily life.


21. Love to try new combination? Then we have a suit just for you with this Peach suit with the light violet combination you will shine as having both bright and little dark kind color give it an amazing balance and with finishing is done by the pearls hanging on the golden border of the bottom of the suit and salwar, making it more eye-catching for the people who will be looking at you when you wear this beautiful suit.

churidar design


22.Have a function in your family and want to look amazing and beautiful, then check this amazing red velvet suit and plain churidar designs a beautiful combination to look amazing and pretty, with the velvet suit it will make you shine in your function and to enhance the beauty of it you will see a designer dupatta with red and golden color designs and lining detailing to give finishing touch and making it more wonderful looking.

churidar models


23. In this picture, you will see a multicolor designer suit with golden leaf design pattern printed on the suit matching with the colors and with golden salwar, and it has a red net dupatta with golden border combination to have that finish, this suit will be a great option for your casual wear a daily wear suit and to wear at home too.



24. Most of people love white and pink so for them, we have a really great white suit and salwar with pink border and pink dupatta with golden border, this suit is more than just a plain suit with having great combination of white with pink gives this suit a charm of its own making it a really great option to wear on everyday bases.

churidar designs

25. For black lovers, we have a beautiful all black churidar suit with the combination of golden lining pattern on the bottom of the suit and end of the sleeve making a round bracelet type of design till the elbow part of the sleeve, and  to make it more of a dynamic combination, it has black dupatta with golden lining detailed on it and on the border, it has golden mirror work to give your all black suit a great shine and make you bling.


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    Your writing is very unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from.
    Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, I will just bookmark this web site.
    black churidar combinations

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