[ 22+ Latest ] Punjabi Suits Party Wear in 2019

Punjabi Suits Party Wear in 2019

Fashion in India always revolves around our tradition, whether you see young girls or old women’s our tradition and craze for Indian clothes never seem to get lost. And when we talk about Indian clothes for girls there always demand on the suits, one of the most demanding and definitely the best daily wear cloth for Indians is the suit and keeping that in mind we got some of the latest designer suits image and salwar design image. let’s take a look at them

1. If you are a young girl or a teenage girl and also a pink lover we have an amazing plain suit design for you, with this beautiful simple suit you will look really adorable and beautiful having pink color make this suit super loving and eye-catching and with light violet color dupatta in which you will see the finishing done with a golden color borderline lace design give it wonderful simplicity and style, it’s really suitable for wearing in everyday life.

designer suits images
2. You must have seen a lot’s of designer suits, here we have latest and new design suit having this simple yet beautiful suit will make your life shinier, with a great color combination of dark blue color on the suit and navy blue color on the salwar and with net dupatta with pattern printed on it to make it more fashionable this beautiful and stylish suit is really suitable for young girls.
punjabi suits party wear
3. Love fashion? Then we have a really great thing for you that you might like this new designer Punjabi suit with really great velvet cloth in the violet kameez of the suit with the lace pattern on the bottom of the kameez and end of the sleeves this high neck suit with cut design on the front below neck really gives it a fashionable approach and dark pink salwar with golden lining pattern makes the perfect combination matching you will see also the in light pink dupatta you will see a lots of design and pattern printed on it, no matter where you see this Punjabi designer suit with laces is a real fashionable piece.
punjabi suit neck design
4. Like simple color, while choosing clothes for yourself, then we have a really great simple suit with a lace design on the plain suit this makes it more attractive, this beautiful suite has a really great color of light blue which have its simple charm and with lace design on it make it more attractive this is really hot and beautiful suit that you can have as part of your daily life.
5. Love pink color too much then we have here this beautiful simple suit with embroidery work done on the kameez of this adorable all pink simple suit and a lot of design done on the kameez itself to make it stylish with being simple with full net sleeves this suit is really good for any occasion or even as part of your everyday life.
salwar patterns
6. Here in this below picture, we have a really great Punjabi Patiala salwar kameez design, in this, you will see a really beautiful cream color suit with a golden pattern printed on it to give it a really stylish approach and a golden salwar pattern done on the black salwar making it more beautiful this is a must-have suit in your wardrobe.
salwar kameez designs catalogue
7. Are you a diehard Black lover then check this latest suit design with churidar salwar pattern and floral design on the kameez of the suit done with golden color this plain suit with lace is a great option for any black lover, having cut sleeves and a deep neck design make this really attractive for and a demanding option for summers too, with this all-black suit and salwar you will be having a lot of attention for sure.
simple suit

8. In this above picture of plain blue long suits with pant, you will have that simple feeling of a suit, as the color of blue enhance the beauty of the pink dupatta with a golden pattern printed on it this suit is a really great option for people that believe in wearing simple.

punjabi suit design with laces
9. Talking about bright color, I don’t think there will be any other color than white that looks more attractive and if you think that too then simple suit design with a deep neck from the backside with dori attached with it and a multi-color dupatta with a lot’s of a bright color making it more bright and attractive.


mens suit designs catalogue


10. Let’s take a look to this amazing beautiful simple suit this girls salwar suit gives you a cut sleeve kameez with great black color and on the ending from the slit you have different color pattern in line giving it a finishing, and to make it more beautiful you get a yellow salwar and dupatta making this suit more beautiful.
plain suit design
11. In this below image of a Punjabi suit design with laces, you get a really beautiful suit with a more adorable color blue and a beautiful design printed on it, and with it, you get bright shiny velvet salwar with a red dupatta making the color combination more attractive. you can be occasion ready with this stylish and really beautiful Punjabi party wear suit.


punjabi dress patterns
12. Here check this simple salwar kameez, this purple color suit with lace design border on the bottom of its kameez make this suit more attractive with simple salwar design and a beautiful printed dupatta with flower pattern this simple suit stand out in its own way.
wedding suits for women
13. In this below picture, you can see another beautiful simple suit, this plain suit with laces and really bright yellow color on the salwar and dupatta with really pretty dark pink color on the kameez of the suit finishing with a golden border lace design on the end of the sleeves and on the bottom of the kameez part, this amazing plain suit with lace design is really  great and suitable for your daily life and for young girls.
simple suit design
14. Many people just really like to wear a Punjabi suit and for them, we have a really great Punjabi suit neck design kameez and salwar with a deep neck in this simple suit having a great shade combination of olive green with dark green highlighting some part of the suit and yellow border to give it more detail on the die split of the kameez end with a really great Patiala salwar design this suit is a great option for people who just love to wear Punjabi suit.
jaipuri suit
15. Talking about having bright colors only then check this really great simple suit yet also very attractive suit to wear this plain suit with pink kameez and to match with a beautiful blue salwar having a flower pattern with lace on the border of the neck, sleeve and the bottom of the kameez and to make it more bright and beautiful this has a really beautiful dupatta of yellow, blue and green color giving it shades.
neck designs for punjabi suits
16. Must have heard from many people that girls in Punjabi suit looks something else, then check this plain black kameez with laces design on the sleeve and neck portion and with that to make it greater you get a golden hot salwar making this Punjabi suit a real eye-catching suit.
punjabi dress models
17. Here in this picture you will see a simple suit with a Patiala salwar pattern, having dark green as its base color with a deep neck and lining pattern done on the bottom of the kameez and with it you get a really nice pink color dupatta this simple suit is really suitable for young girls and teenagers for there everyday life.
latest salwar suit design photos
18. Many people just love having the black clothes in there wardrobe, and for them we have this plain suit with laces, this amazing all-black suit with salwar is a really beautiful suit with a detailed embroidery work done in the sleeves of the suit and the golden border with mirror work on the dupatta will make this suit shine having this in your wardrobe will make your collection more awesome.
salwar designs for stitching
19. People who can rock simple suit can look good on any clothes, I know you must have heard that so we have this really simple suit and salwar with a beautiful bright yellow color and cut sleeves design and to make it little more stylish you have lining pattern with silver color on the suit and salwar, if you are looking for simple suit then this should be the one to have in your everyday life.
latest salwar designs patterns
20. let’s see this designer new suit, this suit has an amazing white color for the people who always want to look fresh and shiny this and white is the color that gives you that fresh and shiny feeling, and to make it fresher you get this really great golden border with thread pattern hanging on the border of the dupatta  and to match its beauty you get really attractive design pattern on the kameez itself making it shiner and fresher.
punjabi dress pattern
21. Many girls love pink color more than anything and for them let’s see this long suits with pants, this latest suit pattern with floral design on the pink kameez and dupatta of the suit makes this super beautiful and enhances the beauty of the suit, and with the salwar designer pattern of lining makes it more fashionable in this suit you get both the beauty and the style that you need in any designer suit.
sleeves design for suits
22. There is real demand for plain simple colors and in that saffron color is really a great option and keeping that in mind you should just check this beautiful hot salwar suit,this plain and simple suit give that traditional feeling of the suit and to enhance that feel of simplicity you get a beautiful pattern of flower on the suit and on the white dupatta of the suit with a golden color line pattern.


punjabi dress designs

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